Landscape Memories 4 and 5

Landscape Memories 4 & 5 From A Moving Car

These memories are from my vantage point in the car passenger seat (my husband is normally the designated driver). I have a lot of memories from our car journeys, some of which have become very familiar over time, such as our annual drive up to Orkney and back. The ever changing landscape on that particular route that we’ve taken for 20 years has become indelibly ingrained in me.

The tape provides a very useful thick border to create very long narrow landscape sketches and adds to the layering and stiffening of the page. I also really like how much my manipulation of the paper surface has altered the paper edges where you can see individual fibres coming loose.

No.4 looks like the Scottish lowlands to me, driving out of Edinburgh heading for the Forth Road Bridge, while No.5 speaks to me of our countless journeys through the Scottish Highlands, with the stark beauty of its imposing mountainous landscape punctured by the vertical marks of road signs and telegraph/utility poles.

Mixed media 12cm x 3cm.