Mixed Media Mini Landscapes

“Geology gave us the immensity of time and taught us how little of it our own species has occupied.”
Stephen Jay Gould, Ever Since Darwin: Reflections in Natural History, 1992.

I hope you get such a sense of the immensity of time in my current collection of mini landscape memory pieces and emotional landscapes shown here.  You’ll see that some are untitled.  I prefer to let the words come in their own good time.

So much contained on such a small scale.


Of my emotional landscape pieces, I have uploaded some new work from a new series entitled “Fading”, created in emotive response to my beloved Mum’s terminal cancer diagnosis, her failing health and the dread of what was to come, and her eventual passing.  These new pieces have given me comfort and strength to continue with my practice as Mum would have wanted.  The work entitled “Receding Light” in particular speaks of my need to hold on to what had been before the darkness came.

Among my favourites here of my landscape memory pieces is “Remembrance Within”.  The move away from my usual subtle palette in this landscape wasn’t intentional. It evolved of its own accord and I went with it.  The title reflects childhood memories of endless (and educational) walks with my Geographer Dad in this hilly craggy landscape.  This was his childhood playground in the 2nd world war and beyond (he remembered seeing enemy planes flying low on their way to bomb the nearby road bridge).  Dad passed away quite a few years ago, but I sense him still with me when I walk in his footsteps in these hills.  The colours in this landscape painting speak to me of the passing years and the eventual end of life.  Such a change from the palette of greys and other subtle colours I had previously used.

Another piece entitled “Homage” depicts an Orcadian landscape with the low lying hills in the background, backlit by the setting sun.  The old Norse tradition of boat burials for the departed is symbolised by the oval-like structure.  This piece was to be about something else but shifted in the final stages due to another sad family bereavement.

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