I have just realised that 2022 marks my 10th year of membership of AccessArt.  As I have previously mentioned elsewhere, AccessArt is the UK’s largest charitable organisation supporting visual arts teaching and learning

Here’s an excerpt from their website which explains a bit more about who they are and what they do:
“We’re pleased to welcome you to our dynamic creative community! We’re here to support teachers, artists, educators, parents and learners.
AccessArt is a charity which supports visual arts teaching and learning. Established in 1999, we advocate the importance of high quality visual arts education for all, and we enable and inspire this through the UK’s largest collection of online resources and through CPD and training & network events.
We work in partnership with teachers & schools, artists, educators, arts & cultural organisations and universities, both in the UK and overseas.” 

AccessArt invited me to write various resources over the years relating to my sketchbook work, and I have listed below the three I have done so far.  They are keen for me to contribute some further new resources, so I will update this list as and when I have done so!

It has been rather lovely to discover recently that I am included in the AccessArt Sketchbook Journey Team of Expertise

Thank you AccessArt!